NH 8

Yummy Itinerary

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A dedicated team from Rajasthan and two engineers who dream to take authentic Rajasthani food to all parts of world started their first venture with one of best cosmopolitan city i.e Bangalore in Dec'2010.

Join us in a tasty ride to the rich food from north India, a place where people thrives in festivity, where every human is a connoisseur of his own and where taste buds more are active than any other place. NH 8 brings you the ultimate dining experience that is no less than a blend of our culinary culture. The 1375 KM long highway connects some finest culture rich destinations of North India from national capital Delhi to the city of dreams Mumbai. Our yummy itinerary begins with the taste of Delhi moving on to the 688 km. Of flavorsome stretch of Rajasthan where food comes from a tradition that is old and tranquil, culture that has churned the best from its neighboring states of Haryana & Punjab. The exquisite aroma of desert herbs and unique contributions of “Khansaamas” produces cuisines like Dal Bati Churma, Gatte Ka Saag, Kadhi, Dhaniye Ki Chutney, Ker Sangri and so on which are nonpareil. Highway further takes its yummy course to the land of colors Gujarat. The traditional Kathiawadi food is primarily vegetarian with varied kinds of lip smacking dishes. Finally we arrive at the pavements of Mumbai which never disappoints any foodie. We attempt to cater the long deserted choices of regional and spicy food, a place you and your loved ones can enjoy up to the hilt and an experience worth enough to share with your kith’s and kin’s.

So get ready for the yummy itinerary on NH 8.