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                     Unfolded Mysteries

                                    Vibrant Colors

                      Empty Landscapes

                                    Rich culture 

                      Historic Folklore

We at NH 8 represent the culture of this land where food defines tradition.

 Enjoy the sumptuous Dal Bati Churma and other delicacies like Gatte ki Sabji, Rajasthani Vadi, Lachka Khichdi, Ker SAngri. Cap it off with sweets like Malpua, Rabdi, Gulab Jamun, Moong Dal Halwa to name a few. we have captured the essence of the land and recreated it for your own city with the decor and entertainment through folk songs in the restaurant. So get set to take a trip to the desert.

 Festivity is in soil of Rajasthan may it be friendship day, Valentines day, Christmas or New year, we serve special menu on Teej, Gangaur, Raksha Bandhan, even Sheetla Saptami and many more traditional festivals.